An person’s recovery expectations following an injury are a strong predictor of health outcomes. To date, thousands of scientific articles have proven just how much of an impact recovery expectations have on the rehabilitation process following an injury. Many extensive and rigorous questionnaires have been designed to evaluate these expectations; however, clinicians and researchers do not use them. Time constraints and an over-burdened health care system make these assessment tools difficult to implement, to the point of being basically unusable. In 2022, our research team was able to identify a single question that would replace all these assessments. Out with long, complex questionnaires; recovery expectations can now be assessed in a few seconds thanks to this one question. This discovery has the potential to transform the rehabilitation process, as this simple question makes it possible to identify those who are at twice the risk of prolonged sick leave. Going forward, the following question has the potential to optimize the rehabilitation process and therefore reduce the development of long-term disability following injury: “What is the likelihood that you will return to work?”

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